COVID-19 PCR Test (Postal test)

£99.00 +VAT


A PCR test is the most accurate way of testing for the presence of the Coronavirus in an individual. Features of the test include: Can detect early and onset infection with the most accuracy & directly detects the presence of the virus’ genetic material (RNA) taken via a nasopharyngeal (nose/throat) swab. Our PCR test is validated for the new strain of Coronavirus.



The COVID-19 PCR Postal test is quick and convenient to use at your own convenience and has full instructions on how to take the test, how to quickly register this test so that certificates are emailed directly to you and how to post back.
We include our return labels so you simply take the test, and then pop it into a Priority Post Box nearest to you. If the laboratory receive the test before 1pm the next day, you will receive your result the same day. If it arrives after 1pm results are sent 24 hours after receipt.

UK Event Medics work with UKAS Laboratories and provide an exceptional service.